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View from the Cab: Don't cry over...

By: Kent Casson

Don’t cry over spilled milk, but you are welcome to cry a little over spilled grain.

There is no worse feeling in the world than leaving a little grain spilled on the ground, mainly because we all know what comes next: the shovel. And, of course, this involves scooping and extra unnecessary physical labor. Sometimes I wonder if we worry too much of what the neighbors will think.

I have observed various behaviors from neighbors over the years. The farmers around Fairbury like you to have straight rows and no gaps – or you may be the talk of the coffee shop (is that a bad thing?). Farmers in the Pontiac area don’t like too much mud on the road and are partial to their rural bridges. Those around Chenoa just like to work in the field whenever they can.

Oh, the observations made when sitting in the cab for hours on end each fall!

What about the grain cart driver? This has to be the most under-appreciated job in the farming operation. You are expected to be at a certain place at a certain time and to read minds. Or if you can’t read minds, you better be able to read sign language that looks more like interpretive dance moves from the combine operator. Why are his arms flailing about? Thank goodness the two-way radios were invented so we can communicate directly by voice rather than other means.

Why do those windows get so dusty and why do we only decide to clean them on mornings we are doing beans when we have four hours to kill and are looking to pass the time? Maybe we could do this the night before then we are not twirling our thumbs waiting for the beans to go on a damp morning and looking for more “projects” to do on the operation. Greasing equipment and checking the oil each day are overrated, however they are necessary.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it has to be lunch during farming season. Have you ever had a field meal? We have been spoiled with quite a few meals from various family cooks this season. From pork chops and stew to casserole and meatloaf, we had a little bit of everything in the early afternoons and it was delicious. Now, if only those cabs had recliners.

The best feeling in the farming world is completing another field and as of this writing, we just wrapped-up our 2023 soybean harvest. We were blessed with good yields and decent weather for cutting those beans. Now, it is on to getting the rest of the corn out.


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