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Time to look the planter over

A planter in the shop at Atkins Seed Service last week / CIFN photo.

CHENOA – Now is a good time to make sure that planter is ready to go before it gets too late.

You can save time down the road in April by getting the planter in top-notch condition while it is in the shop and there is still time to look things over.

“Just go out and make sure your A-B lines are all set, make sure your chains are oiled and everything is greased,” recommends Dean Atkins of Atkins Seed Service.

Atkins suggests looking over equipment with a fine tooth comb to eliminate trying to mud stuff in the ground to test it out.

Dale Atkins echoes those comments of looking things over as soon as possible, especially since parts availability seems to be very slow. Dealers have experienced delays in receiving parts which is impacting all operations of the farm.

Dale reminds customers to give Atkins Seed Service a call when they are ready for seed so they can deliver it efficiently.

Atkins Seed Service is located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 24 and the Weston Blacktop between Fairbury and Chenoa and can be reached at 815-945-5113.


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