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Planter prep is important

Weston Stork works on a planter in the shop at Jenner Precision / CIFN photo.

FAIRBURY – This week’s warmup may have some farmers opening up the shed doors to hook up those planters.

Hooking up is a start, but there are many more items to check off the list before heading to the fields this spring.

“We need to be looking at parallel arms and openers, making sure parallel arms are good and tight,” explained Weston Stork of Jenner Precision.

Growers may need to replace bushings or the arms themselves. Also, Stork encourages setting openers to the right spacing and making sure all of the planter rows are at consistent depths. The number one piece of advice is getting the planter out well before going to the field.

“Mice can get into stuff and sometimes you just need a good refresher,” Stork said.

Once the planter is pulled out of the shed, Stork suggests hooking the monitor up and re-familiarizing yourself with all of the buttons and controls.

Jenner Precision’s Bryan Fehr warns farmers of working the ground too wet.

“Don’t get in a hurry just because your neighbor is running.”

Fehr also recommends making sure the planter is set correctly for the season before that first day and ensuring the closing system is performing properly by getting out of the tractor and occasionally digging.

Jenner Precision held its annual winter meeting last week in Fairbury with Merrill Crowley of First Choice Commodities in Watseka talking markets and Ken Ferrie of Crop Tech Consulting covering the sins of a wet spring with compaction layers. Ferrie also discussed early planted soybeans. Following lunch, Eric Huber with Precision Planting gave an update.

“The people that are here are asking questions and it’s more personal one-on-one with a lot of good conversations,” Fehr said.

Jenner Precision is located at 8735 North 2000 East Road near Fairbury and can be reached at 815-692-6655. Jenner is located online at


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