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Access to higher blends considered a win

Access to higher blends of ethanol during the summer months is being called a win for Illinoisans.

Upon hearing the U.S. EPA announcement that it will issue a temporary waiver allowing access to lower-cost, lower-emission E15, the IL Corn Growers Association President Dave Rylander from Victoria issued the following statement: 

“Increased access to higher blends of ethanol is a big win for everyone in Illinois. Of course, I think about corn farmers in Illinois and they will benefit from additional gallons of ethanol sold in our state and nation. However, non-farmers in our state will also feel good about the lower cost of E15 and the smaller environmental impact. 

“We appreciate the U.S. EPA for issuing this temporary waiver allowing everyone the choice to fill up with E15 or Unleaded 88, a blended fuel of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent petroleum fuel. 

“There is a permanent fix for this problem sitting in Congress right now called the Next Generation Fuels Act. The bill permanently fixes this E15 access issue, while also cleaning up our transportation sector by allowing the use of homegrown, renewable fuels. The Next Generation Fuels Act will protect consumer choice to buy the cars you want to buy and have access to the fuels you need, without compromising our country’s greenhouse gas emissions goals. This bill remains a top priority for IL Corn.”



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