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Leman is new IPPA president

During the 2023 Illinois Pork Producers Association (IPPA) annual meeting, Chad Leman from Secor, Illinois was announced as the 2023 IPPA President.

Chad is a third-generation farmer from Woodford County. He owns Leman Farms Inc., which includes the production of hogs, corn, and soybeans. Partnering with contract growers, they market approximately 100,000 hogs each year while utilizing much of their corn production in feed rations for their pigs. In addition, they have operated a Pioneer seed dealership since 1991.

He and his wife, Staci, have been married since 1995 and have four daughters: Tessa, Darby, Sofie, and Sierra. Chad is actively involved in his community, having previously served on the Eureka CUSD school board and currently as an elder at New Castle Bible Church in Mackinaw, IL. Professionally, Chad is a shareholder and board member of several organizations that contribute to the livelihood of his core business: raising pigs.

This begins Chad's third term as an At-Large Director on the IPPA board where he most recently chaired the Marketing Committee. Being part of IPPA has been instrumental in connecting him with legislators, industry professionals, and educators. These acquaintances have been helpful in the multiple expansions his business has gone through. They have also motivated him to stay in touch with lawmakers and lobbyists so that the voice on the farm is heard.

If he could give advice to someone interested in becoming involved in livestock production, it would be to encourage them, in that it is a unique occupation where the farmer needs to be willing to sacrifice his or her own comfort for the sake of the animals they care for; yet it is a very rewarding career with many opportunities for growth.

In his acceptance speech he shared, “My pledge to you today is that I will commit the time and the resources necessary over the course of this next year to represent you well across the state. I will not shrink back from the challenges or the hard issues.”


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