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Illinois Hogs & Pigs report

Illinois inventory of all hogs and pigs on March 1, 2022 was 5.20 million head, down 3 percent from December 1, 2021 but unchanged from last year.

Breeding inventory, at 590,000 head, was unchanged from the previous quarter but up 10,000 from last year. Market hog inventory, at 4.61 million head, was down 3 percent from last quarter and down slightly from last year. The December-February 2022 pig crop, at 2.76 million head, was down 5 percent from 2021.

Sows farrowing during this period totaled 260,000 head, down 5,000 from a year ago. The average pigs saved per litter was 10.60 for the December-February period, compared with 10.95 last year.


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