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Farmers poised to take advantage of weather

A planter sits last week on a McLean County farm / CIFN photo.

GIBSON CITY – Greg Kerber has been waiting for sunny and drier weather and he has gotten his wish this week.

“At least warm and wet would be better than cold and wet at this point,” Kerber told The Central Illinois Farm Network on Friday.

Kerber has planted a couple of soybean fields but has not yet planted corn. He spent time leveling chiseled ground and applying chemicals while the weather cooperated prior to last week.

“There are people in the area that have quite a bit done, some have a little done and there are probably some that don’t have any done.”

While field conditions have not been perfect this spring, Kerber has planted into worse conditions.

“Last spring, everything just seemed to work up a little better,” Kerber said.

As of Friday afternoon, Kerber reported the Gibson City area had 1.3 inches of rain total last week, as that area had missed some earlier rains. There was a lack of drying weather until now.

Kerber fears crusting issues out in the field with those crops which have not yet emerged.


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