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Closely monitor corn this harvest

Corn is harvested north of Fairbury in Livingston County this week / CIFN photo.

Even though farmers aren’t experiencing the stalk quality they thought they would have a month ago, crops look good overall heading into harvest.

Some problems are starting to develop due to the two weeks of excessive heat we experienced late in the summer.

“It looks like that might be holding up dry down in places because of internal stalk damage,” said Corey Torrance, business development manager for Rob-See-Co.

Growers may want to go out and closely monitor the taller corn hybrids with higher ear placements as those stalks are cannibalizing themselves. Overall, Torrance feels despite everything we’ve been through this year, things don’t look bad.

“That dry stretch really pulled a lot out of this corn,” noted Torrance.

Torrance is excited about the Rob-See-Co corn and soybean lineup along with the trait packages the company is using. He is impressed with Duracade corn and the Viptera trait helps with ear leaf and stalk problems. Enlist soybeans have been a major part of the conversation with farmers as there is strong demand.

On the dicamba side of things, labeling and platforms are still up in the air with plenty of questions. This is turning into a very interesting seed situation.

“If you are thinking about Enlist beans, I’d say there’s a pretty good chance in the next few months we may be getting kind of short on those,” Torrance added.

For more about Rob-See-Co and the Robinson family, visit


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