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Changes in methods put beans first

Soybeans are no-tilled in a Central Illinois field in 2021 (file photo).

TUSCOLA – This will be the 37th crop for Dan Meyer who farms near Tuscola in Douglas County and he has seen plenty of changes in his time farming. One of those changes includes what to plant first.

Traditionally, many growers such as Meyer planted corn first then switched to soybeans once temperatures warmed but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

“Now, a lot of farmers plant their beans first, then plant the corn,” Meyer told The Central Illinois Farm Network on Monday. “If you’re able to if you have a corn and bean planter with enough help, you can maybe start at the same time.”

April 8 or 10 was the earliest Meyer has ever planted corn. The year he did was the same year a frost came in early May.

“If we can get out there and get rolling the second or third week of April and we’ve got good soil temperatures, that’s a good time to get going,” notes Meyer.

There has been little field activity in Douglas County so far this season.

“We just seemed to have gotten enough rain each time it gets close, (the rain) keeps everybody out.”

Meyer doesn’t expect much to happen out in the field this week with more rain chances for Illinois Tuesday into Wednesday.

Last year was good for Meyer, although conditions were abnormally dry through the fall harvest season. In fact, he was hoping for rain during harvest to help settle the dust and alleviate the risk for field fires.

“We were dry through the fall and all this winter,” Meyer explained. “I have a snow blade for my pickup truck and I never even put it on.”

Meyer has received just enough rain so far to help replenish the soils. Tile is running, which he considers positive news heading into planting.

The Douglas County farmer also serves as a District 12 director for the Illinois Corn Marketing Board which handles checkoff dollars to help find new uses for corn markets around the world through DDG’s and ethanol.


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