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Brandt expands to high-speed tillage

A Brandt high-speed disk is shown / photo provided.

HUDSON – Brandt Agricultural Products has expanded into the tillage side of things with the release of a new high-speed disk.

“We’ve got a growing portfolio of grain handling but we also thought we needed to support our customers more with tillage,” explained Hans Rasmussen, U.S. regional sales manager with the company.

This resulted from the requests of farmers and dealers and Brandt has now launched a series of these disks, ranging from 16 to 45 feet. There are seven models total.

“They are available now,” said Rasmussen. “There is a limited supply for this fall and then we’ll be producing through the winter.”

Brandt also has a new grain cart model for this year known as the DXT. This was developed utilizing the company’s Customer Advisory Group. This is the dual auger range with 1100 up to 2500-bushel grain carts.

“They also have the access door to get in at floor level, just like we did with our single auger cart.”

A big feature includes the ability to do right-hand or left-hand unloading. With the dual auger, customers also have the choice of 22 or 24-inch unloading.

“The 24-inch will give you 1,000 bushels per minute unloading capacity,” added Rasmussen.

In other words, you better be watching the truck closely when filling it because this machine unloads fast.

Brandt’s XT line consists of single auger carts ranging from 800 to 1500 bushels. The company also offers traditional swing augers with various models. Then, their growing line is conveyors. They offer “field belts” which are traditionally for unloading bins and trucks.

“These have become very popular,” said Rasmussen.

The larger models are known as “harvest belts.”

More information can be found at by clicking on agricultural products. The entire range of equipment is featured online. Producers can also reach out to their local Brandt grain handling dealer for more.

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