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Boucher provides field update

Matt Boucher's view of his side dress bar last week / photo via Boucher & Farm Hats.

DWIGHT – Once the current field work settles down, northern Livingston County farmer Matt Boucher looks forward to get back into the groove of things.

Boucher is turning his attention toward soybeans after he finished side dressing nitrogen on corn last week.

“The corn is growing pretty quickly so we are happy to get that finished, the corn spraying is done and now we are looking to soybeans now,” Boucher told The Central Illinois Farm Network.

Most of Boucher’s crops emerged fine this spring, although he did have to replant a few soybeans. Despite the heat, crops are alright now but Boucher recalls a similar situation back in the 2012 drought year during the same time.

“Hopefully we don’t have any scenarios like that, although it is getting pretty hot here as we all know,” said Boucher. “Let’s face it – Mother Nature is in charge and she throws curve balls at us right and left.”

Boucher has been hauling quite a bit of grain throughout the area with plenty of corn moving around and even more soybeans it seems.

Another item on the farmer to-do list is preparing for summer fair season. Boucher’s oldest daughter shows hogs and his two other children show goats.

“We are gearing-up for a few different fairs, in particular, our Livingston County 4-H Fair,” notes Boucher.

In addition to the farming and trucking operation, Boucher has a seed business known as Potential Ag. Corn and soybean seed returns are in full swing and attention is starting to turn toward the upcoming cover crop season starting in the fall.

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