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Apr. 8 USDA report was neutral

A neutral USDA report was issued Friday by the government.

Corn ending stocks for the U.S. were the same as last month at 1.440 billion bushels while soybean ending stocks in the country were at 260 million bushels, down from last month’s 285 million. Wheat ending stocks in the U.S. were 678 million bushels, up from last month’s 653 million.

Traders estimated corn ending stocks for the U.S. at 1.415 billion bushels with soybeans at 262 million and wheat at 656 million.

Soybean production for Brazil was 125 million tons while that number was 127 last month. Brazilian corn production was 116 million tons, up from 114 million just last month. Soybean production for Argentina is 43.5 million tons, the same as last month. Corn production there was the same also at 53 million tons.


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