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Acreage shifts possible

WATSEKA – Markets have been on fire lately but we have a long way to go before planting begins.

Everyone will be anxiously awaiting the planting intentions report since there could be an acreage increase.

“We already did see the wheat acres increase a bit,” Merrill Crowley with First Choice Commodities said Tuesday. “We are getting some pretty good spring wheat prices. We’ll see what happens there.”

With prices as high as they are, there will be a pretty intense acreage battle. Crowley does not feel this will do much for the old crop but could impact new crop prices.

“My hope is that we don’t just top here quickly and fall apart because I’d like to see these prices stay up when we get our February average for insurance,” Crowley explained.

Whatever we get for insurance prices could have plenty to do with how many acres we get of corn, soybeans and wheat.

Crowley can be reached at his Watseka office at 815-432-2220.


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