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A good run for McLean County growers

Seed boxes are shown in a shed last season / CIFN file photo.

GRIDLEY – Farmers throughout the area have had a pretty good run of spring planting during the past couple of weeks as ag retailers continue getting more nitrogen and herbicides put on fields.

Kyle Wettstein manages the Brandt location in Gridley and feels growers in his area are getting to the end of the planting season with about 25 percent of acres left to go.

“We’ve just been fighting some rain showers here and there with cool, cloudy days,” Wettstein told The Central Illinois Farm Network this week.

Last weekend, the northern part of McLean County where Gridley is located received anywhere from 0.4 to 0.7 inches of rain as they have missed the big downpours so far. Wettstein estimates an equal amount of corn and soybeans are left to plant judging by the amount of seed he has in the shed.

“They are about neck and neck as far as the percent left to go.”

With some corn and soybean fields already emerging, the next thing will be the post herbicide application trip on both crops.

“We might get a brief break depending on what the weather does here but we will be rolling from one application to the next,” said Wettstein.

For more information, Wettstein can be reached at 309-208-5303 or at the Brandt Gridley office at 309-747-2233.


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