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Local farm in national spotlight

A south side view of the historic barn at Spence Farm located south of Fairbury in Livingston County / CIFN photo.

FAIRBURY – The oldest family farm in Livingston County will be in the national spotlight Friday morning.

Fairbury’s own Spence Farm will be featured on ABC’s Good Morning America program which airs locally on Heart of Illinois ABC weekdays from 7-9 a.m. Spence Farm’s Will Travis said a camera crew already visited the farm to record some segments and a live segment is expected Friday.

The show was trying to find a farm in the U.S. which was well-known across the country that could speak to the local food movement and Spence Farm kept popping up, according to Travis.

It will be an early morning for Travis and his father, Marty, who manage the farm as the first production crew is expected to arrive at 2 a.m. with the second around 5 a.m.

The Spence Farm website indicates the farmstead offers a wide array of native and heirloom crops, heritage animals and a large diversity of agricultural opportunities on 160 acres.

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