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Area fields looking good

Rain clouds are shown over a Livingston County bean field last Sunday / CIFN photo.

Many area fields look good so far, even with adverse conditions to start the season.

The early planted soybeans which experienced frost came out of it with reduced stands but could still have good yields come fall. The crop is maximized for the conditions we have, according to Bryan Lessen with Rob-See-Co.

“Some fields had three plantings – the original planting and two replants,” Lessen said. “That’s never the goal but with the recent rain we caught in areas, we’ve got excellent stalk diameter.”

We may not know the exact yield potential for the growing crops but there is a good outlook for what we have dealt with this season.

Rob-See-Co offers the Enlist soybean technology which Lessen considers simpler than the Xtend technology. It could also be more important moving forward and the yield is there.

“We’ve got a full lineup and are excited to talk with guys about it,” added Lessen.

Lessen says the three pillars of simplicity, relationships and technology make Rob-See-Co different, as they don’t have programs or purchasing volumes to obtain a better deal.

“It’s just a price of corn, a price of soybeans and a pre-pay. We want the customers to purchase what they feel is right for their farm.”

The company often talks to growers about things important to them such as fertility programs, tillage practices and the products that fit.

Rob-See-Co works through farmer dealers and is looking for distributorships. Anyone interested in this, such as an existing dealer or someone trying to get home to farm, should contact the company to see if they are a fit. Visit the Rob-See-Co website for more information.

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