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Call for directors, resolutions

The Illinois Pork Producers Association is seeking at-large director applicants and resolution nominations for 2020.

If you have considered ways to get more involved in the pork industry and want to join Team Pork while sitting on the IPPA Board of Directors, now is your chance. Simply fill out the at-large application here and submit to Applicants will be submitted for a vote at the IPPA annual meeting Feb. 4. The form should be returned to IPPA no later than Dec. 20.

The resolution process is part of the association’s policy development. IPPA members discuss and determine IPPA direction. This can also be an opportunity to help determine and direct the pork national organizations on important issues.

If there is something you would like to see implemented, fill out the form and submit to by Dec. 20 for consideration during the 2020 annual meeting.

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