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A year we can all forget

A wet field shown in Central Illinois last spring / CIFN photo.

CHENOA – Even though it can be hard to look back more than a year, growers should not base next year’s decisions solely on the 2019 growing season.

That’s the advice of Nic Roth from BCS Soil Fertility and Pest Management, who feels this was an odd year we almost have to “throw out the window.”

“Be patient and let the ground get in the right shape at the right condition,” Roth advises. “That’s going to be our best bet (in 2020) rather than trying to rush something.”

Roth feels there could still be a window for field work here in December, depending on the weather.

“It might not be the exact moisture that we are wanting to do things at and it might not be the exact temperature we are wanting but if there’s a situation where somebody has to get something done, I think time will allow for that this winter.”

Growers witnessed things in 2019 they don’t ever want to repeat – like planting corn in June and putting soybeans in the ground during late June.

“Overall, the yields were okay,” said Roth. “It wasn’t a bin-buster year but it wasn’t a drought either.”

BCS is starting to get the chemical pre-pay going and examining field trial results. More information on the company can be found at Roth is located at the Weston office and can be reached at 815-945-7076.

Other BCS locations include Gibson City and Arrowsmith.

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