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View from the Cab: The lucky coveralls

After a long, difficult farming season, it was a relief to get out and enjoy nature recently.

The fact that I got a deer during the first firearm season in November made the experience even more enjoyable. I didn't even have to work for getting the buck as I saw him right when I was entering the timber heading to the tree stand. I followed him for a minute; he looked back at me, and then kept moving as did I. It was a few moments later when he started to get nervous and wanted to run when he didn't get very far. I didn't even have a chance to experience the "buck fever" I normally do when coming across a deer during hunting season since it all happened so quickly.

My cousin's husband shot a doe a few minutes prior to this. You could say it was a successful morning at the Casson timber. After dragging the deer out and working throughout the morning, it felt good to relax knowing my trip was successful.

I sat back, sipped on a cup of coffee and realized my success was likely due to Grandpa looking over us all. I even credit his hunting coveralls for my luck. It was just three years ago in the fall of 2016 when my brother, uncle and I all got deer within minutes of each other after I looked to the sky and said, "Grandpa, please bring some big ones by us." Guess what? I had the same coveralls on that day as well.

Grandpa so loved hunting and everything about the outdoors. He was fond of all types of animals and knew the ins and outs of our deer camp. He knew the best spots to go and whether it was worth putting a tree stand in a certain part of the timber. The man was passionate about farming but also enjoyed getting away to his timber during the hunting seasons and various other weekends throughout the year.

We definitely miss Grandpa's presence here but he is still with us. I will always treasure his hunting coveralls and wear them whenever I head out for a morning or afternoon in the outdoors. Perhaps I should start wearing the coveralls for farming to bring us good luck in 2020.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving celebrating with family and friends and didn't eat too much turkey like I did. I am still trying to wake up since I ate too much of the delicious Thanksgiving tradition. The side dishes and desserts are just as tasty, in my opinion. Hard to believe the holiday season is officially underway and the countdown is on to Christmas.

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