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Veto session a 'mixed bag'

BLOOMINGTON – State Rep. Dan Brady of Bloomington says the recent fall veto session in Springfield saw a mixed bag of results.

Lawmakers dealt with downstate police and fire pension reform and cleaned up language to the recreational marijuana bill.

“Then we had pretty much Chicago gaming fall apart for the most part as far as casinos,” Brady said.

Brady referred to it as a session which saw a little good but left some things untouched. Looking ahead to spring, Brady says it will all be about the budget once the legislature is back in session.

“I think it will be a tight budget obviously,” explained Brady. “It will be things Gov. Pritzker has talked about that we’ve heard of like scaling back departments and agencies as far as funding and tightening belts.”

A surprise of revenues in this past year’s budget cycle is not something lawmakers can count on next year, according to Brady.

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