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Early yield results decent

LEROY – Despite a late and unusual season, a few growers in McLean County are reporting decent early yield results so far.

“Some of the April corn we’ve taken out, we’ve had very nice results,” said Steve Myers, a farm manager with Busey Bank in LeRoy.

Myers reports a few early soybeans have been cut in his area, although he expects harvest activity to pick up in the next week. Myers acknowledges this has been one of those years when many farmers go into survival mode as 2019 has been a challenge for agriculture.

“What we are telling folks is to watch expenses,” Myers said. “We kind of circle the wagons in tough times and that’s what we are doing.”

Busey has a good sized footprint in Illinois and Indiana and can be accessed online at Commercial lender John Kahle is also at the LeRoy office and deals with ag loans. He and Myers can be reached at 309-962-2311.

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