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Yields could be 20-25% lower

Early corn is harvested in Livingston County last week / CIFN photo.

Central Illinois farmer Ron Kindred does not expect a record crop by any means.

He predicts yields across his farm in Logan County will be down 20-25 percent from last year when yields were considered phenomenal in his part of the state.

“It is what it is,” Kindred told The Central Illinois Farm Network. “As I drive across the state, our portion looks pretty good.”

Kindred has observed smaller beans, especially in those fields planted in mid to late June, but taller beans are present as well. Some of his fields caught late-season rains which will help greatly.

Like most farmers, Kindred got off to a late start last spring. His corn was in the ground during May and his beans were planted from June 3-8. Most crops were planted into marginal conditions.

Based on minimal information coming in so far, early planted corn is yielding less than last year. There is good corn in Kentucky, Tennessee and Iowa so far but no official reports from Nebraska.

“We’ve got a lot of time for this all to play out,” said Merrill Crowley of Midwest Market Solutions in Watseka.

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