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No bumper crop; early could be best

GRIDLEY – Parts of McLean County received over a half inch of rain earlier this week which is the most precipitation they’ve had at one time for over two months.

That rain was certainly welcome as it should help the later planted corn and soybeans.

“We did have some April planted corn and beans,” says Bill Roth, plant manager for the Brandt Consolidated Gridley location. “In a couple of weeks, we could see some guys nose into corn a little bit.”

Roth expects the earlier planted crops to be the best as the cooler weather has saved the look of the crop but we are still going to suffer since it likely won’t be a bumper crop in 2019.

At this point, growers have done pretty much all they can to keep fields clean and feed the crops by applying micro-nutrients. Roth suggests having fall plans in place which include fertility needs and lime recommendations.

“I know the guys are starting to work on ammonia equipment to be ready for that,” Roth said. “It will be here sooner than we think.”

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