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Plenty of seed technology talk

The Beck's Hybrids display at this year's PC FFA Farm and Home Show in Forrest / CIFN photo.

FORREST – Those in the seed industry are excited to get things moving as the weather warms in the coming weeks.

There is a lot of talk in the seed community about evolving technologies such as the E3 soybeans, which were approved for export across the globe.

“That will be something that guys will be keeping an eye out for in the next couple of years,” explained Timothy Hartman, a district representative for Beck’s Hybrids based in Livingston County.

E3 means growers can spray 2,4-D herbicide over the top which is another tool to help combat herbicide resistant weeds. Beck’s is selling the Freedom Plus soybean this year with the Balance GT27 trait – giving growers the ability to spray both Roundup and Liberty. This is the first approved technology in the industry with those two modes of action in one bean.

For those waiting until the last minute for seed orders or those needing more seed, Hartman said they still have some popular soybean varieties available. Hartman’s seed district includes dealers near Forrest, Dwight and Graymont.

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