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Tour reveals 194.6 bpa average

Participants in Friday's Livingston County Corn Growers yield tour during a stop in Belle Prairie Township / CIFN photo.

PONTIAC – The third annual yield tour from the Livingston County Corn Growers Association revealed an average county corn yield of 194.6 bushels per acre, which is close to averages from the past two years.

“I was expecting a much wider range from low to high,” said LCCGA vice-president Bob Lawless. “You could tell which fields had a fungicide applied. Many were dead.”

Those participating in last week’s tour observed tip-back and zippering on ears, especially at higher populations. The eastern part of Livingston County was extremely dry with corn falling over where it died prematurely on tougher soils. Even with the best soils and good population, many of the ears were not able to get maximum yields.

“The pile of ears (in the truck) almost looked like they could have all come out of the same field,” Lawless added.

Here are the 2018 yield findings from LCCGA by township:

Amity 205.1

Avoca 192.4

Belle Prairie 195.1

Broughton 171.3

Charlotte 184.1

Chatsworth 195.7

Dwight 213.7

Eppards Pt. 195.9

Esmen 180

Fayette 199.2

Forrest 208.7

Germanville 197.6

Indian Grove 194.1

Long Point 193.3

Nebraska 201.8

Nevada 200.4

Newtown 199.8

Odell 180.3

Owego 184

Pike 215.6

Pontiac 206.2

Pleasant R. 200.5

Reading 197.5

Rooks Creek 196.1

Round Grove185.6

Saunemin 188.2

Sullivan 169.8

Sunbury 191.6

Union 205.9

Waldo 189.7

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