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City kids embrace fair life

Bradley Metivier does chores Thursday morning at the McLean County Fair / CIFN photo.

BLOOMINGTON – Once you start showing at the county fair, there is no turning back. This is true for Bradley Metivier of Bloomington, a member of the Linden Lead ‘Em 4-H Club.

Metivier showed Jersey cows at the McLean County Fair Thursday. He started his showing career after seeing his brother do it.

“It’s fun seeing all the kids who have never touched a cow before. It’s pretty cool,” Metivier said.

The showing seems to get easier as the years go by, according to Metivier. Even though cows tend to get nervous and it can be hard to always keep things under control, Metivier enjoys the challenge.

“The cows have really strong heads.”

In addition to showing dairy, Metivier has child development 4-H projects this year. He considers the projects a fun experience.

Owen Fitzgerald of Heyworth showed cattle and goats at the fair. He especially enjoys goats since they are smaller and much easier animals to handle. Fitzgerald’s summer is typically full of farm chores.

“I usually do terrible but that’s because we get (the animals) from our farm,” Fitzgerald admits. “Most people get them from big breeders around the state.”

This year’s McLean County Fair runs through Sunday at the Interstate Center grounds in Bloomington.

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