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More corn demand needed

NCGA President Kevin Skunes at the IL Corn Growers annual meeting in Normal last month / CIFN photo.

The president of the National Corn Growers Association believes there is a need to build profitable demand for farmers all across the nation.

Kevin Skunes acknowledges the livestock industry is the corn farmer’s best customer but more demand needs to be created for our growing pile of corn in the United States.

“Ethanol has been a great ally of corn over the years but we need some new uses,” Skunes said during the annual meeting of the Illinois Corn Growers Association.

According to Skunes, more export demand can be created by working on NAFTA and the Korean Free Trade Agreement. Skunes hopes these agreements remain in place since they work great for the ag industry currently. Also, many don’t want to lose the Mexican corn market.

“We are so good at exporting corn to Mexico because we can just rail and truck it right across the border.”

The ag industry is at a critical point financially as farmers need higher prices. Skunes urges farmers to contact their congressmen, senators and governors to get the word out that trade programs work.

“If you’re not talking to somebody, they don’t know what your issues are and there’s going to be somebody else talking to your representatives about not sending corn or not sending ethanol out of the country,” said Skunes.

Skunes is from Arthur, North Dakota which is about 30 miles northwest of Fargo on the eastern side of the state. He has a corn and soybean operation and farms with his two sons.

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