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Fall work rolls on...for now

(CIFN file photo)

Farmers south of Interstate 72 near Springfield only had a few tenths of rainfall during the most recent storm system to move through but those to the north were wetter.

Most growers have been able to get back into the field to apply anhydrous ammonia or do other fall work such as tillage.

“This time of year is always a challenge. You hope you get back in there, but Mother Nature may prevent that,” explains John Allen, retail sales manager for Brandt Consolidated.

Allen hopes growers start to focus on nutrient needs and weed control for 2018. Quite a bit of fall burndown has been applied to acres in Central Illinois and Allen has growers tell him each spring that they wish they would have applied more herbicide the previous fall.

To contact a Brandt representative to plan a weed control program for 2018, visit

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