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Transportation important to ag

(CIFN file photo)

Members of the Illinois Soybean Board are trying to make sure this country’s transportation system is solid and able to handle the demands of agriculture.

“We are constantly working on those issues, whether it’s locks and dams or roads and bridges,” explained Paul Rasmussen, Jr., a farmer from northern Illinois and member of ISB.

Even though rail is considered the private sector, Rasmussen still believes there is a need to make sure they are getting the proper help to maintain the railway system. He calls for fellow farmers to be innovative to figure out ways to solve transportation problems.

Rasmussen believes lawmakers are aware of our aging transportation infrastructure, but he says they are all about “instant gratification” and only fixing the hot button issues.

“When there are no brush fires in the transportation system, the focus seems to drift away from it a little bit.”

ISB occasionally provides informational bulletins. Rasmussen hopes farmers voice their concerns to legislators.

“That’s the best way we can have involvement,” he said.

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