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In the Field with Stone Seed

HUDSON – Thanks to the man upstairs and good genetics, Luke Lemenager with Stone Seed feels farmers have something to be thankful for this year.

Lemenager considers this a really nice harvest season despite limited rainfall during the crucial June through August growing period. Soybean yields have overwhelmed growers the most this year.

“Particularly in some areas that caught a few of those August rains, it just seemed to make all the difference in the world,” Lemenager told The Central Illinois Farm Network.

Lemenager is hearing consistent soybean yields in the 70s and 80s around here. Even in his territory near Hudson in McLean County where it has been drier, there are reports of 65 to 75 bushel beans.

In Lemenager’s opinion, Stone Seed has three or four of the best hybrids farmers can get their hands on. He suggests finding out which ones are doing well in your area and which are the most appropriate for your soil.

“I think that really made a difference this year.”

Stone 6368 corn was a good yielder this year and topped University of Illinois trials. Also, Lemenager was most happy with 6448 where customer satisfaction was extremely high.

Lemenager works with a network of Stone Seed dealers across Central Illinois. He can be reached at 309-261-0752. Shorty Stork, Stone Seed dealer in Chenoa, is the sponsor of “A Central Illinois Morning” heard weekdays on The Central Illinois Farm Network. He can be reached at 815-674-4497 or by e-mail:

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