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Cool August ahead of us

(CIFN file photo)

DANVILLE – Central Illinoisans will enjoy below normal temperatures during the next two weeks which is a pleasant change from the heat and humidity of July.

“An overall change is in the cards and you’re going to start feeling that come Wednesday or Thursday,” explains Michael Clark, chief meteorologist for

Cool air will be coupled with low humidity and dew point levels at least through mid-month, according to Clark. Overnight lows could dip to the lower 50s which will be nice for the corn crop.

“There are indications that the pattern turns a little wetter again into mid-August, but there aren’t big signs of any major heat right now,” Clark added.

Clark foresees an early frost risk heading into late August and early September. He thinks August will be close to an average month for precipitation.

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Clark was among the presenters at an ag outlook meeting Monday night at the Vermilion County Farm Bureau in Danville.

(Merrill Crowley contributed to this report for The CIFN)

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