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Fair a 'fun' experience

A sign is displayed near the ag exhibit at the McLean County Fair on Wednesday / CIFN photo.

BLOOMINGTON – Animals, carnival rides and exhibits may come to mind when you think of a county fair, but friendships and having fun are other important factors.

Abby Schwoerer of Bloomington spent much of the week getting her cows washed in preparation for the McLean County Fair dairy show on Thursday. She feels lucky to have so many dairy families involved.

“I love it,” Schwoerer said. “I’ve been showing here for 10 years and there’s always friendly competition.”

Schwoerer shows with her two sisters and two cousins. They are friends with everyone else in the dairy barn.

Shelby Trunnell of El Paso was getting warmed up for the horse show Wednesday morning, getting her horse used to the entire fair atmosphere. Trunnell has fun at the fair since many of her friends are there too.

“We practice a ton. We really want to do good but it’s all about the friends and having fun.”

The McLean County Fair runs through Sunday at the Interstate Center grounds west of Bloomington. Thanks to our CIFN sponsors for making coverage of the 2017 McLean County Fair possible: Martin-Sullivan John Deere and Prairie Central Co-op.

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