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Kids learn about safety

A girl gets her blood pressure checked during a safety event Thursday at 4-H Park near Pontiac / CIFN photo.

PONTIAC – Close to 70 kids learned about safety on and off the farm during KidSmart Safety Day held at Livingston County’s 4-H Park Thursday.

“It looks like everybody is having a really good time and I’ve learned some new things today,” explained Debbie Ruff of the Livingston County Soil and Water Conservation District, one of the organizing agencies.

Four different safety stations simultaneously taught participants about staying safe outdoors.

10-year-old Isabelle Bunting of Emington helps on the farm and found the event informative.

“I like learning about how the EMT and the firefighter work things,” Bunting said.

The Bunting family stays busy, according to Isabelle, by picking up bales in the field and transferring vehicles from one location to another. Isabelle shows at various fairs during the summer.

Participant Hannah Miller of Cabery has pigs on her farm and her uncle has cows. She enjoyed learning about safety around animals and fires.

“Since I live on a farm, the farm safety tips help like don’t go around the PTO shaft and to watch out for tractors.”

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