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Nice weather a welcome change

(CIFN file photo)

COOKSVILLE – The nice weather in recent days has been a welcome change from the cool and wet pattern of the past month.

“What’s nice now is that we are starting to get those warm nights and warm days,” explained Doug Matlock, manager of the Brandt Consolidated Cooksville location.

According to Matlock, corn spraying will soon be finished in the Cooksville area and soybean spraying is right around the corner.

“By next week, we’ll be in V3 (for soybeans) and we need to consider spraying them also.”

Matlock suggests spraying weeds in a timely manner to stay on top of them this season. Many growers have been cutting hay lately and Matlock recommends spreading fertilizer afterward since several nutrients are removed.

Brandt’s Cooksville plant can be reached at 309-725-3710.

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