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Company helps crops along

(CIFN file photo)

A hormone and micro-nutrient company, which has been around for 45 years, continues to do worldwide business in over 60 countries.

Stoller USA has been working with hormones since the late 1970s. Regional manager Don Stork believes every state his company deals with differs from others. He has spent a lot of time in Iowa, Illinois and Indiana.

“We’ve been pretty lucky here with our results over the last 4-5 years here in the heart of the Midwest and being cognizant of the return on investment while at the same time increasing yields,” Stork told The Central Illinois Farm Network during this year’s Illinois Soybean Summit at Peoria.

According to Stork, Stoller USA has succeeded over the years because the company is aware of the growth stages, timing and when to treat crops. Illinois is Stoller USA’s largest state of concentrated business in the Midwest. The company had the top yielding soybeans in 2014, 2015 and 2016 in the Illinois Soybean Yield Challenge.

“We work with numerous retailers and seed people in the Midwest, so we are fairly well known,” Stork added.

More information can be found at The website includes contact information for Stork and all of the company’s technical sales representatives.

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