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RFD's Frazer addresses LCSWCD

PONTIAC – The director of network and audio services for the Illinois Farm Bureau RFD Radio Network addressed the crowd during last week’s 79th annual meeting of the Livingston County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Rita Frazer has been in the network role since 2015 and prior to that, served as network anchor in the Farm Bureau radio department. Before working for IFB, Frazer spent over 20 years as an award-winning farm broadcaster at WSMI in Litchfield.

Frazer attended her first Soil and Water Conservation District meeting while working for the Litchfield radio station years ago.

“It’s all about what you all do – saving it for tomorrow,” Frazer told the audience at the Pontiac Elks Lodge.

During her speech, Frazer referred to an Alabama song about “leaving it and passing it on down.” She believes the best people work in agriculture and that is a hashtag she often uses on social media about different individuals she has met along the way.

“We are all connected through food,” noted Frazer.

She shared stories of various people connected to agriculture and learned from someone that it is better to get better than get bitter.

“Thank you for what you do,” Frazer concluded.

Today, the RFD Radio Network has over 85 radio station affiliates broadcasting on over 111 radio frequencies across the state. Frazer leads a team of four who are responsible for three hours of original ag news and content each day.



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