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Not your average grilled cheese

The Monster Grilled Cheese & More truck shown in Chenoa earlier this month / CIFN photo.

PIPER CITY – A sandwich from Monster Grilled Cheese & More is not your traditional grilled cheese.

Specialty items from the local food truck based in Piper City are served on Texas toast. Fall season favorites include a chili grilled cheese or one topped with apples.

“If you like grilled cheese sandwiches, this is the place to come to,” said Bill Ritchie, who owns Monster Grilled Cheese & More with Sheri Ritchie.

Customers are willing to wait for their sandwiches since they are so delicious. With a small grill, the Ritchies are limited on how fast they can prepare the food. Ritchie said people are good about being patient and they have observed a great response from the area.

“We have everything from a classic grilled cheese to one with pulled pork and bacon or pulled pork and macaroni and cheese,” explained Ritchie.

When COVID started, Ritchie lost his regular job and was modifying a trailer at the time. He built props for haunted houses and escape rooms as a side job so his first trailer was an escape room.

“Of course, when COVID hit, nobody wanted to be in a small trailer so we modified it into a food trailer and she was going to start doing some baked goods.”

Instead of heading in the baking direction, the Ritchies started making sandwiches so Bill got his food management license and spent a full winter practicing in his home testing out his creations until they found one they liked.

“This is something that even if COVID continues, he is perfectly safe still doing it,” said Sheri.

As the business is outside, most customers usually feel comfortable ordering at the window. Monster Grilled Cheese & More does have its die-hard fans here in Central Illinois.

“We do have people that follow us around, especially if they find out we are doing our meat loaf sandwiches,” notes Bill. “That seems to be the one they flock to.”

The food truck makes stops in various towns at different locations throughout the week. Monster Grilled Cheese & More can be found on Facebook and more information can be obtained by calling 815-867-0118.

A Monster Grilled Cheese & More sandwich shown at Emancipation Brewing Co. near Fairbury / CIFN photo.


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