Fair experience is priceless

Kyler Simpson of the Big Dreams 4-H Club in Stanford at the McLean Co. Fair this week / CIFN photo.

BLOOMINGTON – Dale and Molly are having a successful time at the McLean County Fairgrounds this week.

The sheep, shown by Kyle Murphy of Heyworth, won the breeding sheep show and wether show.

Murphy has five sheep at the McLean County Fair and is preparing for a busy couple of days.

“We have to get these four ready to show,” he explained. “I show them Friday and Saturday nights.”

Murphy received second in showmanship as one of his friends won the top spot. He is looking ahead to the Illinois State Fair followed by an expo in Louisville. Murphy is no stranger to showing animals at the fair.

“I’ve been showing since about 2015,” he said.

Kyler Simpson of the Big Dreams 4-H Club in Stanford is showing cattle at the fair this week. He brought three cows and each of his siblings are showing one.

“For my whole life I’ve been showing and my dad showed before us,” Simpson noted.

This is something Simpson really enjoys and spent his whole summer working on.

“You show one day out of the week and you get the rest of the week free.”

Simpson feels everyone at the fair is friendly as most people know each other. The 16-year-old especially enjoys the carnival rides each year.

Ryan Weber of Colfax, a member of the Ridgeview 4-H Club, is doing two projects this year – one focusing on Greece and the other on front end loaders.

“I just enjoy doing it all, it’s kind of fun to do all of these different projects and learn some new things about stuff that maybe I didn’t know about before,” Weber admits.

Since his dad farms, the tractor project was a no-brainer and since he enjoys geography and history, the intercultural project on Greece was a nice fit.

Linden Lead’em 4-H member Maddie Fenger did sketching and painting at the fair and got an A. She can now relax for the rest of the fair since the judging was completed Wednesday.

“I had to choose all of the colors I wanted to do and of course, get my canvass and make sure I have all of the paint brushes that I’ll need and a cup of water,” she explained.

The sheep, shown by Kyle Murphy of Heyworth, at the McLean Co. Fair / CIFN photo.

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