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Bill would have dire consequences for farmers

The Illinois House Energy & Environment Committee is hearing legislation that would tie Illinois’ vehicle emissions testing standards to California’s standards and according to State Representative Jason Bunting (R-Emington) would have dire consequences on farmers and truckers in the state of Illinois. 

Under the bill, a diesel engine older than 2010 will no longer get a vehicle registration renewal.

House Bill 1634 was introduced by Representative Edgar Gonzalez (D-Chicago).  It would require the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) to adopt and maintain rules implementing “the motor vehicle emissions standards of the State of California” in Illinois, effectively outsourcing an important area of Illinois’ transportation and environmental decision-making to California officials.

In addition to farmers and truckers, Bunting says he has fire protection districts in his 106th district that have vehicles older than 2010, even vehicles from the 90’s.  Bunting said the legislation would put a great financial burden on individuals, businesses, as well as taxpayers.

The bill is on the agenda for this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4 p.m. during the state's Energy and Environment Committee meeting.


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