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Corn looks promising to Kilgus

The Kilgus family chops corn silage south of Fairbury last week / CIFN photo.

FAIRBURY – Local producers are getting a firsthand look at this year’s corn crop as they venture out to chop corn silage.

Matt Kilgus of Kilgus Dairy near Fairbury feels the tonnage is average as there have been years both higher and lower. Overall, the corn is a bit short this season which means there is not as much plant material out there.

“As we’ve kind of gotten hot and dry here the last 10 days or so, it did kind of sneak upon us a little bit,” Kilgus told The Central Illinois Farm Network.

Corn yield potential looks promising – at least for Kilgus, who is located south of Fairbury.

“We’ve been pretty happy with not only the population through the field but the consistency of the ears which is maybe a little better than we expected.”

The Kilgus family did 1500 tons of silage early last week. They like to see the whole plant moisture at 65-67 percent and that was running about 60-62 percent. Combines typically start to roll three weeks to a month after silage chopping starts. Kilgus predicts harvest starting around Sept. 20 or after if conditions stay like they are.

“Even though the plant looks green, it is drying internally rather quickly,” Kilgus observed.

For Kilgus Dairy, the silage is some of the main food their cows eat during the winter months. They have been working on covering the big pile on the farm and you can smell the freshly chopped silage when driving by.

Like many others, the Kilguses are finding plenty to do even in a year like this when not much else seems to be going on. With no fairs happening this summer, they have been working on projects while trying to get ready for the fall season.

“It definitely has been a summer that went rather quickly even though some of the things we are accustomed to didn’t happen,” Kilgus added.

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