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Farm Bureau against tax amendment

PONTIAC – The Illinois Farm Bureau and Livingston County Farm Bureau are looking ahead to the November election by urging residents to vote down the state’s progressive income tax amendment.

Voters will be asked whether to support changing the state’s income tax structure.

“The amendment would end the state’s flat rate income tax but will surely not solve our state’s fiscal problems,” explained Livingston County Farm Bureau manager Chris Bunting.

Illinois currently has a flat tax of 4.9 to 5 percent. If this progressive income tax is enacted, rates could vary between 4.75 and 7.99 percent – a potentially drastic increase.

"There is a small percentage of who it would affect but it’s just kind of hard to believe that three percent is going to make up the difference of our deficits and debt obligations,” Bunting said.

Bunting notes at some point, the other 97 percent of the state will have to pick up a portion of this. Many feel mismanagement in Springfield has gotten the state into the financial crisis and now leaders are trying to put the responsibility on the backs of voters to bail them out.

“We need lawmakers to make sound decisions and really think of something positive that’s going to help us fix this financial crisis we are in.”

As far as a general crop update, Bunting has observed corn starting to tassel around the county. Moisture was hit and miss up until this past weekend, when severe storms impacted the area. In fact, things were really looking dry.

“I think, for the most part, things look pretty good for what we’ve done in terms of planting progress and where we are at in the growing season,” Bunting said.

The June 30 USDA report was a nice boost for farmers, leading to higher prices. Now, we just need those bushels this fall. Since crop prices are not ideal, many are hopeful for decent yields in a few months.

“If we have good yields, I think we could make up for these prices if they do keep creeping up.”

More information about the Livingston County Farm Bureau can be found on Facebook, the web or by calling 815-842-1103.

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