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Maximizing production at lower cost

Scot Benson of Nitrogen Pulse at this year's Gordyville Farm Show / CIFN photo.

One company is taking a comprehensive approach to nitrogen management.

Nitrogen Pulse makes nitrogen recommendations with a goal of maximizing production at the least cost and least inputs on every acre.

“We have done testing in Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana and across Illinois,” explained Scot Benson of Nitrogen Pulse.

There are always factors which can cause a change in biology such as things that can be applied, but Benson believes you must first recognize the different biology across a field.

“That biology of what I am referring to is organic nitrogen – free nitrogen that is produced in your soil every year.”

Nitrogen Pulse does a soil test which measures how much will be produced. The company owns a weather platform to help discover how much soil loss could be occurring throughout a season.

“We have a data platform on top of that,” Benson said.

The genetics of corn we are producing today are much different than the old days but some of the same habits are in use today as they were in the late 1940s. Benson refers to the methods of determining how much nitrogen to apply much like a cat chasing a laser on the wall.

He says the company can fill that gap of the correlations to what is in the soil to what is needed in order to get the maximum production.

Most growers know of the 4R’s which mean right rate, right source, right placement and right time. If one of these fails, the entire system can fail too.

“Really, it’s the right budget, right price of material, right weather and the right replacement plan,” Benson noted. “That’s what we can manage.”

According to Benson, Nitrogen Pulse is radically different and has a proven track record. More information is available at

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