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View from the Cab: The silver lining

A creation to pass the time from the Casson Kids.

There is a silver lining to all of this staying home and “sheltering in place.”

Up until mid-March, our family was always on the go. It seems we had something on most nights after school and many weekends. Games, school activities and church typically filled our calendar. Now we are adjusting to the new normal and it isn’t so bad after all. Maybe this is a sign we all need to slow down just a bit.

We have been spending quality time together at home – something that had been lost for so many before all of this started. Families are once again sitting down for meals and kids are enjoying ball games in the yard while enjoying the fresh air.

Our kids seem to be adjusting well to the new way of life as the homeschool routine starts our morning followed by playing outside and enjoying time on the farm. Kasen, Kenadee and Kaislee all enjoy riding in the tractor and would make perfect farmers someday.

I appreciate what Rebecca does more each day as she juggles being a mom and helping our kids with their school work all while teaching her own students virtually. If you see a teacher, be sure to thank them for what they are doing. This can’t be easy for any teacher but they sure are making the most of the situation.

Rebecca used her teacher creativity to help the time pass at our house when the stay-at-home order first started back in March by having the kids color a different letter each day spelling out “Coronavirus Pandemic.” We have the proof taped to the kitchen cabinets. She thought of a different activity each day depending on what letter was featured. I even got in on some of the letter coloring before spring planting started.

Our two older kids recently created a list of things they enjoy about quarantine. These included: baking, playing with toys, playing outside, doing crafts, riding bikes, swinging and time with family. That last one is priceless. We must be doing something right if the kids are enjoying this time together.

This has been a busy but exciting time for Kasen as he has his first 4-H calf to take care of. He is learning the responsibility of caring for an animal by doing chores every day and interacting with “Buttercup.” By the way, “feeding Buttercup” also made the list of things the kids enjoy.

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