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Rob-See-Co expands into area

An independent seed company expanding into Illinois is focused on the pillars of technology, simplicity and relationships.

Elkhorn, Nebraska-based Rob-See-Co aims to be a company farmers can work with over the long term by keeping transactions simple so more time can be spent finding the right hybrid for certain acres.

Rob-See-Co originated in the small town of Waterloo which has 400 residents. It all started when the current CEO’s great grandfather founded the seed company in 1888. The family has been in the seed business ever since.

“We brought back the Rob-See-Co name in 2013,” explained Rob Robinson. “That’s a brand name that my great grandfather used to introduce hybrid corn back in the early 1930s.”

The name has been around a long time – mainly in the western Corn Belt – and now farther east in states like Illinois. Bryan Lessen and Corey Torrance are working with the company in Illinois and have plenty of experience in the seed business.

“We have some great products for Illinois,” Robinson said.

Rob-See-Co’s focus is corn and soybeans but they also carry alfalfa. Robinson feels they have a strong selection of corn hybrids with great traits for Illinois producers which include corn rootworm protection. After conducting beetle counts last year, the Duracade trait turned out almost twice as good as Smart Stax in terms of controlling corn rootworm. Rob-See-Co also carries Viptera which controls earworm.

When it comes to soybeans, Rob-See-Co focuses on the Enlist trait.

“I think people will really appreciate the yield and performance plus the safety and simplicity of Enlist,” added Robinson.

Robinson admits this year is different from anything anyone has faced before with the coronavirus. The markets have taken a hit but Robinson suggests taking a longer-term view as the higher prices will come back.

“When we are through with this virus and we can open the economy, the corn market will come back and the soybean market will improve,” Robinson said.

More information about the company can be found at:

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