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Pre-plant system checks important

Electronic checks can be done to make sure your planter is ready to go to the field this spring.

Growers are encouraged to go online to make sure they are running the most recent software for their equipment. They should also check to make sure proper field information is entered into the system along with hybrids.

A health check can be done for Precision Planting products through the 20/20 monitor cab display.

“You can go in and run those health checks and make sure before you go to the field that your vDrives are going to be working properly,” explains Emil Bandy, a product support specialist with Precision Planting.

Dealers typically hold clinics and refresher courses prior to planting season but some of those are being impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Bandy says to stay tuned for details on virtual clinics which will likely be offered via You Tube live.

“You’ll be able to watch those clinics and ask questions live from our region managers or dealers,” said Bandy.

As you work to set up the electronic portion of a planter, which includes the monitor, reach out to your Precision Planting dealer or product support team if you have any questions before heading to the field.

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