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Soil Max launches new app

Tile demos from Nu-Ag Technology are shown in September near Chatsworth / CIFN photo.

Farmers can now be involved with the start of a tile plan thanks to a new mobile app from Soil Max.

The Flow-X app was unveiled for the first time at this year’s Farm Progress Show in Decatur.

“What this app enables them to do is draw a location around one of their fields and send it to one of our tile plan experts,” explained Brian Dewey, marketing manager for Soil Max. “They will help design a drainage solution that is specific to that layout.”

Farmers are able to connect right inside the cab which means they can start drawing a on a smart phone map while they are still combining. According to Dewey, the company is always trying to innovate and help farmers create better water management solutions on their farm.

“It has been a really wet year so it is a topic of conversation this year.”

With plenty of prevent plant acres this season, farmers have noticed drowned-out spots in fields which puts drainage on the front of everyone’s mind.

“We’ve really been busy this year,” Dewey said.

To learn more about the company or connect with a dealer, visit

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