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View from the Cab: Practicing patience

(CIFN file photo)

Patience is key as we navigate through a tough start to the 2019 farming season.

Those of us in the ag world are not only facing mud out in the field, but also price uncertainty, trade disputes and the occasional public criticism. All of this seems to be taking its toll on farmers. A bright spot came early last week when prices finally started to rebound and word came that more money could be on the way for rural America.

Whether you are a farmer, that farmer’s worker, business partner, family member or fellow Central Illinoisan, let’s remember we are all in this together and we will get through it. Maybe we can all work to make this a great season, even though long days and sleep-deprived nights can make us a bit edgy.

I couldn’t help but chuckle the other day when someone posted on social media that farmers don’t care about anything but getting the crop in the ground and “winning the race to Florida.” Even though planting a crop in the spring and leaving for a second home in the Sunshine State sure does sound tempting, that’s not the way it works – especially during a time when many of us are struggling just to breakeven.

There have been questions raised among non-farmers of how we feed the world. The Iowa State website does a great job of explaining where corn ends up, in case you want to explore the subject further. This list includes: snack food, livestock feed, tortilla flours, breakfast cereals, baby food, pie fillings, salad dressing, construction board and cosmetic powders. Soybeans are used in: soy milk, soy sauce, bread, candy, crackers, cookie mixes, snack foods, doughnut mix, swine and poultry feed, cooking oils, margarine, chemicals and anti-corrosion agents.

Some may not believe it, but farmers actually do care. We care for the land and often times leave it in better shape than the day we started farming it. We care about our friends and families who understand the industry’s demands. We care about our rural communities which are the backbone of the economy. We care about the future of the world – which is why we keep going from sunup to sundown to meet a growing demand. We care because we are just like you.

(The View from the Cab is powered by Petersen Motors in Fairbury)

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