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Stay with original seed plans

(file photo)

LEXINGTON – Growers are encouraged to stay with their original seed plans despite a late start to planting.

If you want to change out soybean seed, Yale Young with Brandt Consolidated says you could even move to a longer season variety to get extra plant height since soybeans develop based on sunlight.

“Stick with that game plan,” Young explained. “There are still opportunities for great yield potential out there.”

Brandt plans to have data available at its research farm this year to see how a later spring can impact yields. The Lexington research farm has relocated to the LeRoy Blacktop, a half mile south of Lexington.

Young spent some time walking fields this week and noticed corn finally poking through the ground with decent stands. The problem areas are wet spots where water stood during recent heavy rains. Stands of around 80 to 90 percent were observed where conditions were dry and fit.

“We’ll give it some more time to see what pushes on through.”

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