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View from the Cab: Wanted

(CIFN file photo)

We have a wanted subject on our hands: spring planting.

It lasts about a month and is considered dangerous if you rush into it. The subject could be armed with rainy days, mud spots and tractor breakdowns but typically behaves just fine when the timing is right. The season has been known to chill corn seeds, accelerate weed growth and bring out choice words from farmers young and old.

Spring planting was last seen wearing a clear blue sky and bright sunshine with shades of red, green, blue and yellow machines dotting the rural landscape. It often answers to the names Nightmare, Headache and Mess but also accepts the names of Amazing, Perfect and Slick.

This season was last seen speeding toward the end of April in 2018 before exiting the area by mid-May. It is believed to be riding on a wild weather pattern caused by solar magnetics and could return to this area at any time. Spring planting is rumored to have large sprayers and dry fertilizer spreaders in its custody. They actually belong to area ag retailers who are trying to catch up on their work before farmers even start to think about putting seed in the ground.

There were reports of sightings near Cooksville and Tremont which have yet to be confirmed. Witnesses say they saw frantic looking farmers inside tractors at each location muttering the phrase “Must be first!” If you think you saw these farmers, please notify officials.

Spring planting will likely visit old friends here in Central Illinois in the coming weeks – so be on the lookout. Should you notice the arrival of spring, contact myself or any other farmer immediately. Your timely response will help put food on the table. A reward of a small shiny object and a hearty pat on the back awaits the person leading us to spring planting.

We would offer a cash prize but since it is agriculture in 2019 we are talking about, there is no cash available. Thanks for your cooperation and remember, together we can bring planting back where it belongs.

(The View from the Cab blog is powered each week by Petersen Motors of Fairbury)

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