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Last minute planting reminders

Corey Eggenberger (left) and Ryan Myers of KSR Equipment are shown in the KSR shop / CIFN photo.

PONTIAC – You may have already pulled that planter out of the shed and hooked it up to the tractor but is your guidance system properly set up?

Maintaining the technology side of a farming operation will make for a much easier spring season.

“As we had some time this winter, I’m hoping most guys got on their computers and made sure their data was right and their guidance lines were all set and corrected,” explained Ryan Myers, Integrated Solutions consultant with KSR Equipment in Pontiac.

Most of today’s farm equipment runs from in-cab tractor displays which means if something is not set up right, other problems could arise as well.

“A lot of these new tractors are coming with the displays already in them fully activated and ready for that customer,” Myers said.

Myers spent a recent day setting up a new system for a customer making sure everything was activated and that the software was up-to-date.

Once the technology is squared away, farmers should make sure all of the electronics and hydraulics on a planter work. A great way to detect potential problems includes taking the planter for a test run in the field.

“Go out in a field somewhere and set that planter down and plant 150 feet,” said Myers. “That will really tell a good story to make sure everything is going to work for that first big day.”

For more information, Myers can be contacted at the KSR Pontiac location at 815-842-1149. Support information is also available on the company’s website at KSR is a John Deere dealership with locations in Pontiac, Streator and Lacon.

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